1. Khema.-The city in which Sumana Buddha was born. J.i.34; but in Bu.v.21 it is called Mekhala.

2. Khema.-The city in which Tissa Buddha was born. J.i.40. In Bu.xviii.16 it is called Khemaka.

3. Khema.-The city in which Kakusandha Buddha was born (J.i.42; Bu.xxiii.13 calls it Khemavatī). It was the capital of King Khemankara. See also No.6 below. See also Dvy.242.

4. Khema.-A Khattiya, the Bodhisatta in the time of Kakusandha Buddha. He gave alms to the Buddha and the monks and entertained the Order (D.ii.7; J.i.42; Bu.xxiii.13; BuA.211). He helped Rūpanandā to bring a branch of Kakusandha's bodhi-tree to Ceylon. See also Khemankara. Mhv.xv.79; MT.351.

5. Khema.-The deer-park near Bandhumatī (J.vi.480; Bu.xx.4; AA.i.80, 169). There the Buddha Vipassī was born, and there he preached his first sermon to his chief disciples, and later another sermon to their eighty-four thousand followers (BuA.196f).

This Khema is identical with the present Isipatana. DA.ii.471.

6. Khema.-The pleasance in which Kakusandha Buddha died (Bu.xxiii.27). It was near Khemavatī and was the birthplace of Kakusandha. BuA.209.

7. Khema.-A pleasance near Usabhavatī; there the Buddha Vessabhū died. Bu.xxii.30; BuA.209.

8. Khema.-A lake, three gāvutas in extent, to the north of Benares. It was constructed by King Seyya (v.l. Samyama). For details see the Mahāhamsa Jātaka. J.v.356; J.iv.424.

9. Khema.-A setthiputta, nephew of Anāthapindika. He was very handsome and beloved of all women. Several times he was brought before the king on charges of adultery, but the king pardoned him out of regard for Anāthapindika. At the latter's request, the Buddha preached to Khema and showed him the error of his ways.

In the time of Kassapa Buddha he was a champion wrestler, and planted two coloured banners on the golden shrine of the Buddha and made a wish that all women, except his own kinswomen, should fall in love with him at sight. DhA.iii.481f.

10. Khema.-A devaputta who visited the Buddha at Jetavana and spoke several verses on the desirability of leading the good life. S.i.57.

11. Khema Thera.-An arahant. See Khema Sutta (2). A.iii.358.

12. Khema.-A monk of Ceylon, pupil of Dhammapālita of Rohana. He was well versed in the Tipitakā ("tipetakī"), and is mentioned among those who handed down the teaching of the Buddha in Ceylon in pupillary succession. Vin.v.3; Smp.i.63.

13. Khema.-A teacher, probably of Ceylon, author of the Khemappakarana. Gv.61, 71; Svd.1222; SadS.65; Sās.69.

14. Khema.-See Khemaka (3).

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