1. Khema Sutta.-An account of the visit paid to the Buddha at Jetavana by the devaputta Khema and the verses uttered by Khema on that occasion. S.i.57.

2. Khema Sutta.-Two monks, Khema and Sumana, living at Andhavana near Sāvatthi, visited the Buddha. Khema stated before the Buddha that, when a monk has attained arahantship, the thought does not arise in him that he is inferior to anyone or that he has his equal. Having spoken thus, Khema took leave of the Buddha and departed; Sumana did likewise. When they were gone the Buddha declared to the monks that, by their statement, Khema and Sumana had manifested their arahantship. A.iii.358f.

3. Khema Sutta.-On what is meant by having attained peace (khema). A.iv.455.

4. Khema Sutta.-The Buddha preaches peace and the path thereto. S.iv.371.

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