A tank built by Aggabodhi II (Cv.xlii.67).

Near it was the village of the same name, where Parakkamabāhu I. once encamped with his army (Cv.lxx.312).

There the monks interviewed him on behalf of Gaja-bāhu and persuaded him to restore to the latter his kingdom (Cv.lxx.329f).

Later, the village was occupied by Mānābharana and his army (Cv.lxxii.149).

The tank was among those repaired by Parakkamabāhu I., and from there he carried the canal Kāverī, thus joining Giritata to the Kaddūravaddhamāna tank. (Cv.lxxix.33, 55; see also Cv.Trs.i.312, n.3; 334 n.1).

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