1. Dīghāvu.-Eldest son of King Arindama I. He is identified with Rāhula. J.v.490.

2. Dīghāvu.-A householder of Rājagaha and son of Jotika-gahapati. He was a sotāpanna and, when he lay ill, he sent his father to the Buddha requesting the Buddha to visit him. The Buddha accepted the request, preached to him and consoled him. Soon afterwards Dīghāvu died and was born as an anāgāmī. S.v.344f.

3. Dīghāvu.-Son of King Mahājanaka and his queen Sīvalī. He became king when Mahājanaka left the world. He is identified with Rāhula. J.vi.44, 61, 62, 68.

4. Dīghāvu.-See Dīghāyu.

Dīghāvu Sutta.-Records the visit of the Buddha to Dīghāvu (see Dighāvu 2). The Buddha exhorts him to practise the six conditions which are constituent parts of knowledge (cha vijjābhāgiyadhamme). These are:

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