1. Dīghāyu (Dīghāvu).-Son of Dīghīti, king of Kosala. After his parents had been cruelly murdered by Brahmadatta, king of Kāsi, he became the attendant of this kind; in order to avenge their death, but when the occasion arose he made peace with Brahmadatta. His father's kingdom was restored to him, and he married Brahmadatta's daughter (Vin.i.343ff; DhA.i.46f; J.iii.211f, 487). He was the Bodhisatta (J.iii.490).

2. Dīghāyu.-See āyuvaddhana.

3. Dīghāyu.-A Sākiyan prince, grandson of Amitodana and brother of Bhaddakaccānā. He went to Ceylon and there founded a settlement which he named after himself. His son was Dīghagāmanī. Mhv.ix.10f; 18; Dpv.x.6, 8.

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