1. Dhammagutta Thera.-An arahant. He lived in the Kalyānika-vihāra and was known as the "earth-shaker" (pathavicālaka). He was among those who received a share of the meal given by Dutthagāmani when the latter fled from Cūlanganiyapitthi. He shared his portion with five hundred others (Mhv.xxxii.50; xxiv.24ff). According to the Jātaka Commentary (J.iv.490), he was among those who joined in the assemblies (samāgama) known as Kuddalasamāgama, Mūgapakkhasamāgama, Ayogharasamāgama and Hatthipalasamāgama. The Mahāvamsa Tikā (p.606) mentions him as being one of those who accepted the meal of pork given by Sāliya and his wife, when they were blacksmiths, in their birth immediately preceding the last.

2. Dhammagutta. A brother of Vedisadevī. He was one of the nobles who escorted the Bodhi-tree. He was made Moriyasetthi and given the Moriyajanapada by Devānampiyatissa. Mbv.166.

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