Only son of Dutthagāmanī. He renounced the throne and married Asokamālā, a Candāla girl (Mv.xxxiii.1f).

In his previous birth he had been a smith, named Tissa, in Mundagangā, and his wife was Nāgā (Sumanā). The couple gave a meal with pork to eight arahants, (for their names see MT.606) led by Dhammadinna Thera of Talangatissapabbata. It is said that on the day of birth the whole of Ceylon was filled with paddy, hence his name.

Sāli was very pious, and all the revenues given to him by his father he gave away in charity. He kept the fast days in the Issarasamana-vihāra and built the Sālipabbata vihāra (MT.606).

He will be the son of Metteyya Buddha in his next birth. MT.xxxii.83. See also Ras.ii.114f.

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