Saccaka Niganthīputta goes about Vesāli saying that he is unable to find his match in discussion. He meets Assaji and, after a preliminary debate with him, goes with a large company of Licchavis to seek the Buddha in the Mahāvana. He questions the Buddha on his method of training, and the Buddha explains this to him. The talk then turns on Self, and the Buddha points out the emptiness of Saccaka's contentions. Saccaka (here referred to as Aggivessana) refuses to acknowledge defeat until the Yakkha Vajirapāni threatens to smite him. Saccaka is driven to yield point after point till the sweat streams from his brow, and the Buddha shows the assembled multitude how his own skin remains quite dry. In the end, Saccaka invites the Buddha and his disciples to a meal on the next day. M.i.227ff

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