1. Mahāvana. A wood near Vesāli. It was partly natural, partly man made, and extended up to the Himālaya (MA.i.298; DA.i.309). See Kūtāgārasālā.

2. Mahāvana. The wood near Kapilavatthu, it was virgin forest, and reached from the edge of Kapilavatthu to the Himālaya on one side and to the sea on the other (MA.i.298, 449). In this wood was preached the Mahāsamaya Sutta (for details see Mahāsamaya) and also the Madhupindika Sutta.

3. Mahāvana. A forest on the outskirts of Uruvelakappa, where the Buddha retired for his noonday rest after his meal at Uruvelakappa. It was in that grove that Ananda took Tapussa to see him. A.iv.437f.

4. Mahāvana. A forest on the banks of the Nerañjarā. DhA.i.86; DhSA.34, etc.; J.i.77.

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