1. Chatta.-A youth, son of the brahmin of the Nānacchanda Jātaka. He received from the king a chariot drawn by lilywhite thoroughbreds. J.ii.428f.

2. Chatta.-Son of the king of Kosala. His story is given in the Brahā-chatta Jātaka.

3. Chatta.-A brahmin youth of Setavyā. He studied under Pokkharasāti at Ukkatthā and, having finished his course; returned home for money wherewith to pay his teacher. On the way back to Setavyā he was met by the Buddha, who taught him three stanzas, on the virtues of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha, and made him take the five precepts. As he proceeded along his road, Chatta was attacked by robbers and killed. He was reborn in Tāvatimsa, and when all his relations, his teacher and others were assembled for his funeral ceremony, he came into their midst, conveyed by his thirty-league vimāna, and made obeisance to the Buddha who was present, and declared to him his great indebtedness for his compassion. The Buddha preached to the assembled multitude, and Chatta and his parents became Sotāpannas. Vv.v.3; VvA.229ff; the story is often quoted - e.g., Sp.i.172; MA.i.256; and the stanzas taught by the Buddha, as mentioned above, have become famous - e.g., DA.i.230; MA.i.107; AA.i.303.

4. Chatta.-A Tamil general of Elāra in charge of the fort at Mahiyangana. He was killed by Dutthagāmani. Mhv.xxv.7.

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