1. Canda.-A king, one of the chief lay supporters of Kondañña Buddha (BuA.114).

2. Canda.-Chief lay supporter of Sikhī Buddha. Bu.xxi.122; but BuA. (204) calls him Nanda.

3. Canda.-One of the palaces occupied by Sumangala Buddha in his last lay life (Bu.v.22).

4. Canda.-A mānava, son of a rich brahmin, Sucindara. Canda and his friend, Subhadda, became arahants at the first assembly of Kondañña Buddha. BuA.110f.

5. Canda.-The moon; generally spoken of as a deva. See Candimā.

6. Canda.-The Bodhisatta, born as a kinnara. For details see the Canda-kinnara Jātaka.

7. Canda.-A mountain in Himavā. where lived the kinnara, Canda, with his wife (J.iv.283, 288). It is also called Candaka (J.v.162) and Candapassa (J.v.38).

8. Canda.-A brahmin, father of Vidhurapandita. J.vi.262.

9. Canda.-One of the palaces occupied by Sumana Buddha in his last lay life (Bu.xxiv.22).

10. Canda.-Younger brother of Sāriputta and a member of the Order. DhA.ii.188.

11. Canda.-Son of the brahmin Pandula. He later became the chaplain of Pandukābhaya. Mhv.x.25, 79.

12. Canda.-See Candakumāra.

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