1. Asama.-The chief disciple of Sobhita Buddha (Bu.vii.21; J.i.35). He was the Buddha's step-brother, and it was to him and to his brother Sunetta that the Buddha preached his first sermon. BuA.137.

2. Asama.-Father of Paduma Buddha and King of Campā. Bu.ix.9; BuA.146.

3. Asama.-Chief lay-supporter of Paduma Buddha (Bu.ix.23); probably the same as his father. See Asama (2).

4. Asama.-A devaputta who once visited the Buddha at Veluvana, in the company of Sahali, Ninka, Akotaka, Vetambarī and Mānava-Gāmiya.

They were disciples of different teachers and, standing before the Buddha, each uttered the praises of his own teacher.

Asama eulogised Pūrana-Kassapa (S.i.65). Perhaps Asama is the name of a class; See Asamā (1).

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