The Vamsas und their country.

It lay to the south of Kosala, und its capital was Kosambī (z.B., J.iv.28) on the Yamunā. Udena, son of Parantapa, also called Vamsarājā (z.B., J.iv.370,390), was its König In der Zeit von the Buddha.

Avanti lay to the south of the Vamsa country. The Vamsā were also called Vatsā (Bud. India, 3, 27; Mtu.i.34). The country formed one of the sixteen Mahājanapadā.

The district of Bhagga, in which was Sumsumāragiri, seems to have been subject to the Vamsā in the Buddha's time, for we find Udena's son, Bodhi, living there (J.iii.157, also Mahābhārata ii.30, 10f). In nominal lists (z.B., D.ii.200) the Vamsā, are generally erwähnt mit the Cetī.

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