The eldest of the Andhakavenhudāsaputtā.

The Ghata Jātaka (Nr. 454) relates how, when Vāsudeva's son died und Vāsudeva gave himself up to despair, his brother Ghatapandita brought him to his senses by feigning madness.

Vāsudeva's minister was Rohineyya. Vāsudeva is addressed (J.iv.84; he is called Kanha at as Kanha und again as Kesava. The scholiast explains (J.iv.84) that he is called Kanha because he belonged to the Kanhāyanagotta, und Kesava because he had beautiful hair (kesasobhanatāya). These names, however, give support to the theory (see Andhakavenhudāsaputtā, No.1) that the story of Vāsudeva was associated mit the legend of Krsna.

In the Mahāummagga Jātaka ( it is stated that Jambāvatī, Mutter of König Sivi, was the consort of Vāsudeva Kanha. The scholiast identifies this Vāsudeva mit the eldest of the Andhakavenhudāsaputtā, und says that Jambāvatī was a candalī. Vāsudeva fell in love mit her because of her great beauty und married her in spite of her caste. Their son was Sivi, who later succeeded to his father's throne at Dvāravatī.

Vāsudeva is identified mit Sāriputta. J.iv.89.

Vāsudevavattikā. Probably followers of Vāsudeva (? Krsna); they are erwähnt mit Baladevavattikā und others in a list of samanabrāhmanāvattasuddhikā. Nid.i.89; cf. Vāsudevāytana at DhSA., p.141.

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