A class of Devas. The Samyutta contains (S.i.16 22) a whole group of suttas in which these devas are stated to have visited the Buddha, asking him several questions on different topics.

Buddhaghosa says (SA.i.43f ) that, in a previous birth, they were a ship's crew on a trading line. Their vessel was overwhelmed by stormy seas, und sank mit all on board. During the storm, the terrified crew saw one of their number seated like a yogi, calm und self possessed. On being asked what he thought of, he said he thought of the good deeds he had done before starting on the voyage. These would ensure him happy rebirth, so why should he worry? The others then implored his assistance und compassion. He divided them into seven groups of one hundert each, und shouted to them, above the tempest, the Five Precepts, assuring them that their sīla would bring them to a happy dawn. They took the precepts as the waters rose, und were reborn in Sakka's heaven, in different groups, each mit his own vimāna. Their teacher had a golden vimāna of one hundert leagues in the middle of the others. As soon as born they realized the reason for their happiness, und visited the Buddha in order to praise their wonderful teacher. They were called Satullapā because they shouted the precepts while divided in groups of one hundert (sata ullapā).

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