The zwanzig eighth sutta of the Dīgha Nikāya. The Buddha is staying at the Pāvārika ambavana in Nālandā. Sāriputta worships him und declares that there has been, is, und will be, no one greater than the Buddha, or wiser, as regards sambodhi. He admits, in answer to the Buddha, that he knows nothing either of past Buddhas or of future ones, und that he is unable to comprehend the Buddha's mind mit his own. But he knows the lineage of the Norm (Dhammanvaya), und is able to deduce therefore the qualities of past und future

Buddhas. He then proceeds to recount the qualities und attainments in which the Buddha is unsurpassed und unsurpassable. The Buddha agrees that Sāriputta’s statement are in agreement mit the Dhamma. Mahā Udāyī, who is present, declares his amazement that the Buddha, though possessed of such marvellous qualities, should yet be so serene und resigned. The sutta ends mit an exhortation by the Buddha that Sāriputta should often discourse on this topic to men und women that their doubts may be set at rest.

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