Slave of König Canda-Pajjota. His father was non-human, und he himself could travel sixty leagues a day. When Pajjota discovered that Jīvaka had fled, after administering to him some medicine containing ghee, he sent Kāka to overtake Jīvaka und bring him back, giving Kāka strict injunctions not to eat anything offered by Jīvaka. Kāka came upon the physician at Kosambī having his breakfast. Jīvaka invited him to eat, but he refused. In the end, however, he consented to eat half a myrobalan, which he thought would be harmless, but into which Jīvaka had introduced some drug hidden in his finger nail. Kāka purged violently und was very alarmed. Jīvaka told him that all he desired was for him to be slightly delayed und left him, after having handed over to him the elephant Bhaddavatikā, which he had used in his flight. Vin.i.277f; DhA.i.196.

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