1. Junha.-An Elder of Kosala. For his story see the Māluta Jātaka (J.i.165f).


2. Junha.-Son of Brahmadatta, König of Benares. He was the Bodhisatta. See the Junha Jātaka. J.iv.95ff.


3. Junha.-A minister of Pasenadi. When Pasenadi held his Asadisadāna, Junha rejoiced in the König's generosity, but his friend Kāla was displeased at what he considered as waste. Der König, hearing of this from the Buddha, asked Junha to use the royal revenue to give alms on his own account during seven days. This Junha did. He became a Sotāpanna after hearing the Buddha preach. DhA.iii.186ff.

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