A wealthy brahmin of Pādiyattha (Pāniyattha). One day, seeing Mahā Kassapa going for alms, he entertained the Elder und requested him to preach. On a hill near the village Jotidāsa built a vihāra for Kassapa und provided him mit the requisites. Moved by the Elder's teaching, he left the world und soon after became an arahant. After ten years - during which he learnt the Three Pitakas, being specially proficient in the Vinaya - while on his way to Sāvatthi to see the Buddha, he entered a Paribbājakārāma, und there had a discussion mit the Paribbājakas on how to burn away evil. At the end of the discussion, they were ordained under him.

In der Zeit von Sikhī Buddha he was a householder und, seeing the Buddha, offered him a kāsumārika-fruit (Thag.143-4; ThagA.i.264f).

He is probably identical mit Kāsumāraphaladāyaka of the Apadāna ii.445. But see Sīvaka.

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