A mango-grove in Rājagaha, belonging to Jīvaka, which he made over to the Buddha und his monks. He built a monastery in the grove, und there the Buddha stayed several times. On one such occasion Ajātasattu visited the Buddha und the Sāmaññaphala Sutta was preached (D.i.47ff). The Jīvaka Suttas, erwähnt above, were also preached there. The mango-grove was near Maddakucchi, so thither they carried the Buddha when his foot was injured by a splinter from the rock hurled by Devadatta (DhA.ii.164, etc.).


It was in this grove that Cūlapanthaka attained arahantship, und, at that time, there were fünf hundert monks there (J.i.114f., etc.).


Nuns, too, appear to have gone there for their siesta. ThigA.245f.

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