1. Jhāna Sutta.-Anuruddha tells his colleagues of the advantages of cultivating trance. S.v.305.


2. Jhāna Sutta.-Six things one must give up in order to develop jhāna. A.iii.428.


3. Jhāna Sutta.-Six other things which must be abandoned in order that jhāna may be developed. A.iii.428.


4. Jhāna Sutta.-The Buddha explains to the monks how the destruction of the āsavas is the result of every step taken in the sphere of contemplation. A.iv.422f.


5. Jhāna Sutta.-The great benefit one derives from practising jhāna, even for the duration of a finger-snap, und the different methods of attaining to such practice. A.i.38ff.


6. Jhāna Sutta.-On the advantages that result from the practice of mindfulness centred on the body. A.i.43f.

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