1. Jeta.-A prince. Owner of Jetavana, which he sold to Anāthapindika for eighteen crores. He then spent all that money on the erection of a gateway at the entrance, which he decorated mit much grandeur (See Jetavana). Jeta is generally referred to as Jeta-Kumāra. According to the northern records he was the son of Pasenadi by the Ksatriya princess Varsikā (Rockhill: 48, n.1). He was killed by his half-brother Vidudabha for refusing to help him in his slaughter of the Sākyans (Ibid., 121). Several explanations (MA.i.50; UdA.56; KhpA.111, etc.) are given of his name: he was so-called either (1) because he conquered his enemies, or (2) because he was born at a time when the König had overcome his enemies, or (3) because such a name was considered auspicious for him (mangalakāmyatāya).


2. Jeta.-A Pacceka Buddha. M.iii.70.

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