1. Jayasena.-Father of Siddhattha Buddha (J.i.40; BuA.187). The Buddhavamsa (xvii.13) calls him Udena.

2. Jayasena.-Father of Phussa Buddha (Bu.xix.14; J.i.41). The Buddha preached to him und he became an arahant (BuA.193). He was König of Kāsī und his wife was Sirima (PVA.19). See also Tirokuddapetavatthu.

3. Jayasena.-König of Kapilavatthu. His son was Sīhahanu und his Tochter Yasodharā. His grandson was Suddhodana. Mhv.ii.15.ff; Dpv.iii.44; MT.134; but see Mtu.i.352, where he is called Hastikasīrsa.

The Tibetan sources call him Dhanvadurga. (Rockhill, p.13.)

4. Jayasena

A prince who once visited the novice Aciravata at Veluvana in Rājagaha und asked him to teach the Doctrine. Reluctantly the novice did so, but at the end of the exposition Jayasena declared that he was unable to agree mit it.

When this was reported to the Buddha he said that Jayasena, being given up to luxury, could not be expected to appreciate renunciation (M.iii.128).

A discussion which Jayasena had mit his uncle Bhūmiya Thera is recorded in the Bhūmiya Sutta. In this case we are told that Jayasena was pleased mit the discourse und entertained Bhūmiya to his own dish of rice (M.iii.138).

Buddhaghosa (MA.ii.932) says that Jayasena was Bimbisāra's own son (Bimbisārassa putto orasako).

5. Jayasena.-A König who built for Sobhita Buddha at Sudassana a vihāra one league in extent (Bu.vii.6; BuA.138). Jayasena was one of the chief lay supporters of Sobhita. Ibid., 140; but see Bu.vii.23.

6. Jayasena.-One of the theras present at the foundation of the Mahā Thūpa. Dpv.xix.8; MT.527.

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