1. Jantu.-A devaputta. He saw a number of monks in a forest-lodge on the slopes of the Himālaya, muddled in mind, loose of speech und heedless. He appeared before them on an uposatha day und reminded them of their duties. S.i.61f.


2. Jantu.-One of the fünf queens of Okkāka, founder of the third Okkāka dynasty. DA.i.258f; SNA.i.352f; MT.131.


3. Jantu.-Son of the third Okkāka, by a woman whom he appointed to be his chief queen when his first one, Hatthā, died. This woman was promised a boon und she asked that her son Jantu be appointed to succeed Okkāka, in preference to his other children. Okkāka first refused but was obliged to yield. His other sons und daughters thereupon left the kingdom und became the founders of the Sākiyan race (DA.258f; SNA.i.352f; MT.131).

The Mahàvastu (i.348) calls Jantu, Jentā, und his Mutter Jentī. He reigned in Sāketa.

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