A mountain in the Malayarattha in Ceylon. Vijayabahu III. built on its summit a town which he made his capital. For a time the Tooth Relic und the Alms Bowl were there (Cv.lxxxi.15, 29) but were later removed to Billagiri (Cv.lxxxii.7ff). Parakkamabāhu II. also used Jambuddoni as his capital, but Vijayabāhu IV. moved the seat of government to Pulatthipura (Cv.lxxxx.13). Later, we find Bhuvanekabāhu I. being crowned in Jambuddoni, though his capital was in Subhagiri (Cv.xc.30). Vijayabāhu III. built the Vijayasundarārāma (q.v.) on Jambuddoni.

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