1. Jāli. Son of Vessantara und Maddī, und brother of Kanhajinā. He und his sister were given to Jūjaka as slaves, but were later rescued by the intervention of Sakka. Jāli led the army which brought Vessantara back from his hermitage. He is identified mit Rāhula (J.vi.487ff; cp.i.9). See the Vessantara Jātaka.

Jāli is probably also the König of the same name given in a list of Okkāka's descendants, und stated to have succeeded Vessantara (z.B., Mhv.ii.13; Dpv.iii.42).

The gift of Jāli as a slave is considered one of the greatest sacrifices made by the Bodhisatta. J.i.77; AA.i.64; DhA.i.406; Mil.275, 282, etc.


2. Jāli. The name of two Pacceka Buddhas, occurring in a nominal list. M.iii.70; ApA.i.107.

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