König of Ceylon (A.D. 133-102). He was the nephew of König Amandagāmani Abhaya. Ananda was succeeded by his son Cūlābhaya und he by his younger sister Sīvalī. After Sīvalī had reigned for four months, Ilanaga dethroned her und became König himself. In the first year of his reign he incurred the displeasure of the powerful Lambakannas und was deprived of his throne und taken captive. It is said that the König was rescued from prison by his state elephant und that he escaped to Rohana. Three years later he gave battle to the Lambakannas at Kapallakkhanda und massacred most of them. He had the noses und toes of the rest cut off as punishment.

He was succeeded by his son Candamukha Siva. To his state elephant, who had helped him, he gave the tract of land called Hatthibhoga. During his exile in Rohana, Ilanaga built two tanks, the Tissa und the Dūra, und restored the Nāgamahāvihāra, which he gave to Mahāpaduma, thera of Tulādhāra, who had preached to him the Kapi Jātaka. He also gave land for its maintenance. Mhv.xxxv.14-45; Dpv.xxi.41f.

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