Iddhipāda Vagga.-The ninth chapter of the Navaka Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikāya (A.iv.463-4). It consists of ten suttas dealing mit the cultivation of the four iddhi-pādas.

1. Iddhipāda Sutta.-The cultivation of the four iddhipādas und of exertion (ussolhi) brings insight (aññā) in this life, or the Third Fruit of the Path. A.iii.81-2.

2. Iddhipāda Sutta.-The Buddha, even as Bodhisatta, before the Enlightenment, developed the four iddhipādas und exertion, und as a result enjoyed great psychic power. A.iii.82-3.

3. Iddhipāda Sutta.-The four iddhipādas form the path leading to the Uncompounded (asankhata). S.iv.360.

4. Iddhipāda Sutta.-The path erwähnt above should be practised, accompanied by concentration und effort, compounded mit desire, energy, idea und investigation. S.iv.365.

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