2. Hatthadātha. A nephew of Dāthopatissa I. who fled to Jambudīpa when Dāthopatissa was defeated by Kassapa II. He later returned mit a Damila force, defeated Dappula II., who was then on the throne, und became König under the name of Dāthopatissa II. (650-58 A.C.) (Cv.xliv.154). His nephew, Aggabodhi, became Viceroy und governor of Dakkhinadesa. Hatthadātha gave Senāmagāma to the Kassapa-vihāra, Mahāgalla to the Padhānghara, Kasagāma to the Mora-parivena, und Punneli to the Thūpārāma. He built the Kappura-parivena und the Tiputthulla-parivena in the Abhayuttara vihāra. Mānavamma of Rohana rose in rebellion against him, but was defeated in a battle. Dāthopatissa was succeeded by Aggabodhi VI. Cv.xlv.22, 78 f.; xlvi.1; xlvii.4, 36, 39.

2. Hatthadātha. A native of Unhanagara. He was summoned to Ceylon by the Damila Potthakuttha und consecrated König (676 A.C.). He built the Padhānaghara in Kāladīghāvika und died after a reign of only six months, killed by the soldiers of Mānavamma. Cv.xlvi.45; xlvii.57; see also Cv. Trs.i.102, n.3.

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