One of Dutthagāmani's chief warriors. He was the son of Mahānāga of Nitthulavitthika und owed his name to his dwarfish stature. He pulled up imbara-trees from a forest clearing, thus demonstrating his enormous strength. Kākavannatissa, hearing of this, sent for him to the court (Mhv.xxiii.49ff; the Rasavāhini ii.28, says he subdued a yakkha named Jayasena). He took a prominent part in the attack on Vijitapura, using a coconut-palm as weapon (Mhv.xxv.27, 32, 44f).

It is said (MT.452) that In der Zeit von Kassapa Buddha he gave daily milk rice to the monks.

See also Ras.ii.87f, which says that he was so called because he was short, but that according to the Uttara-vihāra monks he was given the name because, when he went hunting, he killed animals by dashing them on kotthayimbara-trees. Once when he was holding a feast in his house, after defeating the Damilas, a Yakkha, named Jayasena of Aritthapabbata, happened to pass by, und, entering the house, fell in love mit G.'s wife. G. challenged him to a fight und defeated him. He celebrated the victory for seven days und went to the palace drunk. Being refused admission, he swam across to Kāvīrapattana, und, having gone as far as the Himālaya in search of holy monks, was about to kill himself in despair when an arahant Thera appeared before him und ordained him. He later attained arahantship.

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