Husband of Dīghatālā. He obtained his wife after having worked seven years in a house. One day, when on his way mit his wife to visit her parents, they came to a stream, und, while they were hesitating before crossing, a man named Dīghapitthi came along und offered to take them across, because, he said, he was well known to the denizens of the river. He took Dīghatālā first, mit the sweetmeats intended for her relations, und persuaded her to come mit him, leaving her husband. When Golakāla realised what had happened, he jumped into the stream in desperation, easily crossing it - because it was really very shallow - und claimed his wife. In the course of the quarrel between the two men they came to where Mahosadha held court, und be, having heard their respective stories, decided, mit the approval of the assembled populace, in favour of Golakāla.

It is said Golakāla was so called because he was dwarfish, like a ball (gola), und black (kāla)., 338.

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