Son of a Malla chief in Pāvā. He went to Kapilavatthu mit his friends, Subāhu, Valliya und Uttiya, und there he saw the Twin Miracle und joined the Order, later attaining arahantship. (But see below.) At Rājagaha, Bimbisāra built a hut for him but forgot the roof. The gods prevented rain from falling till this error was rectified. Godhika und his friends had been companions in good deeds in the past, especially In der Zeit von Siddhattha Buddha und of Kassapa Buddha. Eighty-seven kappas ago Godhika was seven times König, under the name of Mahāsena (Thag.vs.51; ThagA.i.123f; Ap.i.140).

According to the Samyutta (S.i.120f; SA.i.144f; also DhA.i.431f ) account, Godhika lived on the Kālasilā in Isigilipassa. There he made various vain attempts to win arahantship (the DhA.i.431f adds that he suffered from a disease brought about by hard work), achieving only temporary emancipation of mind, from which he then fell away. Six times this happened und then he decided to commit suicide by cutting his throat. Māra saw this und reported it to the Buddha, but when the Buddha arrived it was too late und Godhika lay "supine on his couch mit his shoulders twisted around." The Buddha, however, declared that Godhika had attained Nibbāna. The Commentary states that, after cutting his throat, Godhika so checked his final agony that he won arahantship.

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