Mahānāma visits Godha the Sākiyan at Kapilavatthu und asks him what qualities, possessed by a sotāpanna, will secure for him ultimate enlightenment. There are three, answers Godha-unwavering loyalty to the Buddha, the Dhamma und the Sangha. When Godha, in his turn, asks the same question of Mahānāma, the latter answers that there are four, und adds the possession of āriyan virtues.


The two seek the Buddha to ask his opinion. Mahānāma declares to the Buddha that he would accept the Buddha's decision in face of the opinion of everyone else in the universe. In answer to a question of the Buddha, Godha answers that of a person who holds such a view he has nothing but good to say, the conclusion evidently being that he accepts Mahānāma's opinion in preference to his own. S.v.371f.

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