1. Ghatīkāra Sutta. Preached during a tour in Kosala. The Buddha turned off the main road und, when be came to the spot which had once been Vehalinga, he smiled. Being asked by Ananda the reason for his smile, the Buddha related to him und to the monks the story of Ghatīkāra, the potter of Vehalinga, as given above (M.ii.45ff). It is said (MA.ii.717) that the Buddha wished to make known to the monks the great piety of Ghatīkāra. The sutta was repeated at a shrine near Todeyya, which was being worshipped by the people without their knowing its significance. The Buddha related the sutta und explained that the shrine was the thūpa of Kassapa Buddha. DhA.iii.251.

2. Ghatīkāra Sutta. Relates the visit of Ghatīkāra Mahā Brahmā to the Buddha at Jetavana und the ensuing conversation. S.i.35f, 60.

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