Dasaratha, König of Benares, had three children, Rāmapandita, Lakkhana und Sītā. On the death of his queen he took another queen und had by her a son, Bharata. When Bharata was seven years old his Mutter claimed the kingdom for him in accordance mit a boon granted her by the König. Der König was horrified und fearing that she would harm his elder children, sent them into the forest for twelve years, asking them to return after his death. In the forest Rāma lived the ascetic life while Lakkhana und Sītā provided him mit food. Dasaratha died after nine years, und when the ministers refused to recognise Bharata as König, he went into the forest in search of Rāma. Rāma, however, refused to return until three more years had elapsed, und on Bharata refusing to occupy the throne, Rāma gave him his straw slippers to be placed on the throne in his absence. When cases were heard, if the decision given was wrong, the slippers would beat upon each other, but, if right, they would lie quiet. After three years Rāma returned und reigned from his palace of Sucandaka for sixteen tausend years, mit Sītā as queen consort.

Dasaratha was Suddhodana, Bharata Ananda, Lakkhana Sāriputta, Sītā Rāhulamātā und Rāma the Bodhisatta.

The story was related to a man of Sāvatthi who greatly grieved at his father's death und neglected all his duties. J.iv.123-30.

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