Der Bodhisatta war einmal geboren als a Candāla in Ujjeni in das Königreich von Avanti. He was called Citta und sein Bruder Sambhūta. One day, when they were out sweeping, two rich women on their way to the park noticed them und turned back. Their followers, disappointed at their loss of a picnic, beat the two Candālas.

Then the Bruders went to Takkasilā to study. Citta wurde very proficient, und was sent one day, in place of sein teacher, to the house of a villager who had invited the teacher und sein pupils. But while there, in a moment of forgetfulness, the Bruders used the Candāla dialect, und having thus disclosed their caste, were driven out of Takkāsilā.

In their next Geburt they wurde does und in a subsequent Geburt ospreys. They were always together und always met their death together. Später Citta was born as the Sohn von the chaplain of Kosambī, und Sambhūta as Sohn von der König of Uttarapañcāla. Citta, becoming an Asket at the age of sixteen, remembered sein past births. He waited till Sambhūta had regierte for fifty Jahre, und knowing that he auch had some recollection of sein previous existences, taught a stanza to a lad und sent ihm to recite it before der König. Sambhūta heard the stanza, remembered sein Bruder, und, after inquiry, visited Citta, who had then gone to the royal park. There Citta gab ihm counsel, und not long after Sambhūta renounced the world. After death they were both born in the Brahma world.

Ananda is identifiziert mit Sambhūta. Die Geschichte was told in reference to two Mönche, colleagues of Mahā-Kassapa, who were greatly devoted to each other. J.iv.390-401.

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