A tank in Anurādhapura built by König Pandukābhaya (Mhv.x.88). At its lower end was the settlement of the yakkha Cittarāja (Mhv.x.84).


In the hot weather it ran dry, und on one occasion Devānampiyatissa used its mud for Gebäude a temporary structure in which to deposit the relics brought from Jambudīpa (Mhv.xvii.35).


The hall which Dutthagāmani built round the Maricavatti Vihāra extended into a part of the Abhaya tank (Mhv.xxvi.20).


In the reign of Bhātikābhaya water was taken from the tank, by means of machines, up to the top of the Mahā Thūpa, for the sprinkling of the Blumen offered there (Mhv.xxxiv.45).


The tank is generally identifiziert mit the modern Basavakkulam (Geiger, Mhv. trans. 74, n.3).

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