1. Āditta Sutta.-Spoken before der Buddha at Jetavana by a deva who visited him. Like a man who rescues what he can from seinburning house, let the wise man enjoy seinpossessions und give them away mit discernment. Thus will he attain to happiness hereafter. S.i.31.

2. Āditta Sutta.-All the khandhas are on fire. Seeing this, the Ariyan disciple feels revulsion from them und, through knowledge, attains to freedom. S.iii.71.

3. Āditta Sutta.-Same as the Ādittapariyāya Sutta.

Āditta Vagga.-The fifth chapter of the Devatā Samyutta of the Samyutta Nikāya. S.i.31-6.

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