'insight leading to (path) ascent'. It is also called 'cleansing' (vodāna, q.v.), and according to Pts.M. II, 64, it is a name for 3 kinds of insight-knowledge, namely: knowledge consisting in the desire for deliverance (muccitu-kamyatā-ñāna; s. visuddhi VI 6); reflecting-contemplation-knowledge (patisankhānupassanā-ñāna; ib. VI, 7); and knowledge consisting in equanimity regarding all formations (sankhārupekkhā-ñāna; s. visuddhi VI, 8).

It arises at the stage of 'purification by knowledge and vision of the path-progress' (s. visuddhi VI), and is followed immediately by the maturity moment and the entrance into the supermundane paths.

" 'Ascent' (vutthāna) is the supermundane path (s. ariya-puggala) since it rises above the object forming the external foundation (of insight; i.e. the external 5 groups of existence), in which object one's mind was absorbed, and also rises above one's own continuity (one's own 5 groups of existence, or khandha, q.v.) together with its defilements. By reason of its leading upwards to the supermundane path, this insight is called 'ascending insight'. That it passes on to the path: that is the meaning implied" (Vis.M. XXI, 83f.). (App.).

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