the 'both-ways-liberated one', is the name of one class of noble disciples (ariya-puggala, q.v.). He is liberated in 2 ways, namely, by way of all 8 absorptions (jhāna, q.v.) as well as by the supermundane path (sotāpatti, etc.) based on insight (vipassanā, q.v.). In M. 70 it is said:

''Who, o monks, is a both-ways-liberated one'? If someone in his own person has reached the 8 liberations (absorptions), and through wise penetration the cankers (āsava, q.v.) have become extinguished, such a one is called a both-ways-liberated one.'' Cf. D. 15.

In the widest sense, one is both-ways-liberated if one has reached one or the other of the absorptions, and one or the other of the supermundane paths (cf. A. IX, 44).

The first liberation is also called 'liberation of mind' (cetovimutti), the latter liberation through wisdom' (paññā-vimutti).

The first liberation, however, is merely temporary, being a liberation through repression (vikkhambhana-vimutti = vikkhambhana-pahāna: s. pahāna).

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