lit.: 'one of the many folk', 'worldling', ordinary man, is any layman or monk who is still possessed of all the 10 fetters (samyojana, q.v.) binding to the round of rebirths, and therefore has not yet reached any of the 4 stages of holiness (s. ariya-puggala).

"Whoso is neither freed from the 3 fetters (personality-belief, sceptical doubt, attachment to mere rule and ritual), nor is on the way to lose these 3 things, such a one is called a worlding" (Pug. 9).

According to Com. to M.9, a 'worlding' may be

A worlding who professes Buddhism, may be either

See Atthasālini Tr. II, 451 (tr. by 'average man'); Com. to M.1, D.1.

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