1. Yudhitthila. Son of the Pandu king and one of the five husbands of Kanhā. J.v.424, 426.

2. Yudhitthila. Son of Sabbadatta, king of Ramma, and younger brother of the Bodhisatta, born as Yuvañjaya. He is identified with Ananda. See the Yuvañjaya Jātaka.

3. Yudhitthila. The name of a gotta to which Dhanañjaya, king of the Kurus, belonged (J.iii.400; v. 59, etc.). Mention is made also of a Koravyarājā of the Yudhitthilagotta (J.iv.361). Probably the kings of the Kurus belonged mostly to a dynasty that claimed its descent from Yudhitthila (Yudhisthira?).

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