1. Yasuttarā. One of the palaces occupied by Paduma Buddha in his last lay life. BuA.146; but see Paduma.

2. Yasuttarā. A devatā of Tāvatimsa. She had been a resident of Bārānasī. She once spun two robes, and, having washed them, she offered them to the Buddha. The Buddha accepted the gift and preached to her and she became a sotāpanna. After death she was born in Tāvatimsa as Yasuttarā and was much loved by Sakka. When she realized that her good fortune was due to her faith in the Buddha, she visited him at Jetavana and told him her story. It is said that, owing to the power of her merit, she owned a most marvellous elephant. Vv.iv.3; VvA.181ff.

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