A work on Pāli prosody, in six chapters, partly prose, partly verse, written by Sangharakkhita Thera of Ceylon.

It is based on works dealing with Sanskrit prosody -  e.g., of Pingala -  and has borrowed their terms and method of treatment. There exist several Commentaries on the work, chief of which are the Vuttodaya pañcikā (or Chandosāratthavikāsinī) by Saddhammañāna and Tīkās by Vepullabuddhi of Pagan, and Navavimalabuddhi or Culla vimalabuddhi of Panyā. Gv.61, 64, 70; Svd.1210; P.L.C.198f.; Bode, op. cit., 26, 27, 28.

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