1. Vutthi Sutta. A conversation between two devas and the Buddha's comments thereon. Of things making for progress, knowledge is the best; ignorance is the greatest worsener; among beings that walk, the Sangha is the best; among declarants, the Buddha is the best. S.i.42.

2. Vutthi Sutta. At the end of the rains, Sāriputta takes leave of the Buddha to go into the country. As he is about to start, a monk reports to the Buddha that Sāriputta has offended him and has not asked his pardon. (The Commentary (AA.ii.797) explains that the skirt of Sāriputta's robe brushed the Elder; some say the wind blew it without his knowledge.) Sāriputta is sent for and asked to explain; he declares with a wealth of simile that he is free from hatred and ill will; he has nothing but loathing for his body; how then would he offend a brother monk and not ask his pardon? The accuser is convinced of his folly and begs forgiveness. (A.iv.373ff.; cf. DhA.ii.178ff., where the story recurs.)

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