King Of Ceylon (269 91 A.C.).

He was the son of Sirināga and his name was Tissa.

He was called "Vohārika" because of his knowledge of law and tradition; he repealed the penalty of bodily injury.

He patronized Deva Thera of Kappukagāma and Mahātissa of Anurārāma.

He built the Sattapannakapāsāda, and erected parasols on eight thūpas and walls round six vihāras. (For details see Mhv.xxxvi.33f ).

On days when the Ariyavamsa was being read, he held almsgiving throughout Ceylon.

He suppressed the Vetulya heresy with the help of his minister Kapila. He was killed by his brother, Abhayanāga. Mhv.xxxvi.27ff.

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