1. Viññāna Sutta. In him who contemplates the enjoyment of all that makes for enfettering, there comes descent of consciousness. Name and form is conditioned by consciousness, sense by name and form, contact by sense, etc. S.ii.91.

2. Viññāna Sutta. One of the suttas taught by the Buddha to Rāhula. Consciousness is fleeting. S.ii.246.

3. Viññāna Sutta. Eye consciousness is impermanent, changeable likewise ear consciousness, etc. S.iii.226.

4. Viññāna Sutta. The arising of eye consciousness and of the other factors this is the appearing of decay and death. Their ceasing is the end of decay and death. S.iii.229.

5. Viññāna Sutta. The desire and lust that is in eye consciousness is a corruption of the heart; likewise that which is ear consciousness, etc. S.iii.232.

6. Viññāna Sutta. Moggallāna says that, when he entered into and abode in the realm of infinite consciousness, the Buddha appeared before him and warned him not to be remiss. Then he passed beyond it. S.iv.266.

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