The son of Ambapālī and Bimbisāra. Vimala was his earlier name, but later he came to be called Vimalakondañña. When the Buddha visited Vesāli, Vimala was impressed by his majesty and entered the Order, attaining arahantship soon afterwards.

In the time of Vipassī Buddha he was a rich householder, and one day, being present while the Buddha preached to a large number of people, he rejoiced so much that he offered him four golden flowers. The Buddha, by his magic power, caused the golden hue of the flowers to pervade the whole region. Vimala died soon after and was reborn in Tusita. Forty three kappas ago he became king sixteen times under the name of Nemī. ThagA.i.145f.; a verse containing a riddle and ascribed to Vimala is given in Thag. vs. 64.

A sermon preached by Vimala helped Ambapālī to develop insight and win arahantship. ThigA. 207.

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