1. Vimalabuddhi Thera. Author of the Mukhamattadīpanī on Kaccāyana's grammar and a tīkā on the Abhidhammattha-Sangaha. To him is also ascribed the authorship of the Nyāsa of Kaccāyana’s grammar (P.L.C. 204; Bode, op. cit., 21; Gv. 63, 72). He was probably of Ceylon, but the Sāsanavamsa (p. 75) claims him as a thera, of Pagan. He is sometimes called Mahāvimalabuddhi.

2. Vimalabuddhi. Called Cūla-Vimalabuddhi or Nava-Vimalabuddhi He wrote a tīkā on the Vuttodaya. Gv.67; he lived either in Pagan or in Panya; Sās. 75.

3. Vimalabuddhi. See Nava-Vimalabuddhi.

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