1. Vimalā Therī. The daughter of a courtesan of Vesāli. Having one day seen Moggallāna begging in Vesāli for alms, she went to his dwelling and tried to entice him. Some say, adds the Commentator, that she was influenced by the heretics. The incident is referred to at ThagA.ii.178, but Vimalā's name is not given.

The Elder rebuked and admonished her, and she became a lay follower and later entered the Order. There after great effort, she became an arahant. ThigA.76f.; her Udāna verses are included in Thig.vs.72-6.

2. Vimalā. A Nāga maiden, queen of Varuna. See the Vidhurapandita Jātaka.

3. Vimalā. Wife of Piyadassī Buddha in his last lay life. Bu.xiv.17.

4. Vimalā. A Nāga maiden; Uppalavannā in the time of Padumuttara Buddha. Ap.ii.553.

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